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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change the wines in my shipment?

Remember, the minimum order must be 6 bottles & you can always add extra!

1. First, you'll need to login into your account using the link in the top right hand corner of the browser.

2. Once logged in, you'll see your name appear in the same spot of our webpage i.e "Hello Bob". Gain access to your account/profile information by clicking on your name. You'll see a list of options pop up in a menu bar.

3. From this list, you can edit and make changes to your billing & shipping addresses as well as your credit card. The important section you'll want to click on is "Club Shipment".

4. Click on Club Shipment and follow the directions provided. You will have full access to our wine portfolio to change the wines in the shipment and save.

5. All changes made will be automatically emailed to us. 

6. Your saved order will be processed on the date specified in our club shipment email. Please refrain from using our regular online ordering system as it does not link to our club shipment

I've signed up for a user choice club but received a shipment of wines I didn't choose. Why?

  • Our Wine Club is user choice but we need your help when selecting the wines. A newsletter email will be sent out with a "base shipment" we've curated for those feeling adventurous. This important email is sent 1 month before shipping; it includes important shipment information & shipping dates. If you do not update your shipment preferences or edit your account information before our cut-off date, we automatically ship you the 6 bottles listed in the email. 


  • We will accomodate as best as possible to correct any late changes or orders however, we cannot guarantee late changes as our Club continues to grow. If there are shipping changes made after we've sent out your wines, additional shipping charges may apply.



Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping wine to the following provinces: BC, AB, SK, MB, P.E.I & NS. All other provinces currently do not allow direct to consumer sales. We continue to monitor provincial changes and hope to ship wines to everyone soon.


I've fufilled my 2 shipment commitment, how do I cancel my membership?

We ask that you send us an email with your request to cancel. Our Club Manager Emily will send you a cancellation confirmation once received & delete your credit card on file. We do retain your account with basic personal information in the event you'd like to come visit us again!


If you have any other questions about your club membership, please reach out to us by emailing wineclub@frindwinery.com or phoning 778-754-8089

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