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Our Story  


History of the Estate

Frind Estate Winery is located at 3725 Boucherie Road, in West Kelowna, BC. This stunning lakefront property was the home of former BC Premier, Bill Bennett. The Bennett family raised their children in the beautifully renovated home on site, while in service to the province from 1976 to 1982. The patriarch of the family and Bill's father, W.A.C Bennett, was the longest serving Premier to the province of BC from 1952 to 1973. He was also the president of the Okanagan's first winery: "Calona Wines".

Frind Estate Winery strives to celebrate and preserve the rich history of this spectacular location.

Story of the Pinecone 

Each bottle of Frind Estate wines features an abstract golden pinecone representing 3 aspects meaningful to the founder and his family – science, symbolism and sentiment.

Markus Frind is passionate about science and math. Over a decade ago Markus cracked a mathematical sequence used as supporting research for another academic paper that helped to win its author the Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize for math. If you look at the bottom of any pine cone, the beautiful spiral pattern is the result of Fibonacci sequences (also found in snail shells and roses). Coincidentally, the City of Kelowna logo also represents the geometry of a pinecone.

Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, is often depicted wielding a Thyrsus – a staff topped with a pinecone. This staff represents fertility and prosperity and could turn water into wine.

Lastly, Frind Estate Winery (previously the Bennett Family Estate) is sprinkled with beautiful old growth Ponderosa Pine trees, where Markus and his daughter Ava found the perfect pinecone to artistically render for the brand.



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