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Our Technology: From Vineyard to Cellar

Automated Ferment Tanks

Our custom designed tanks help us make superior small batch wines with enhanced features like dissolved oxygen sensors, automated pump overs & more.

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Optical Sorter

Grapes grow in various ways and are not always perfect clusters. One cluster may have unripe, ripe & overripe fruit contained within itself. Our series of optical sorters uses cameras, speed & air to distinguish the difference between the quality in grapes.

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STARS- Tartrate Stabilization

Tartrates are an organic compound found naturally in grapes & when combined with potassium, also natural, form "the crystals at the bottom of your glass". Our STARS system is designed to reduce & eliminate those crystals while also reducing water consumption & production time.

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Willmes Sigma Press

All grapes become wine once they've reached the press. The Willmes press was chosen specifically for its' delivery of cleaner flavours & bigger yields through low pressure pressing which reduces the mechanical friction and avoids unwanted extraction of bitter components from stems & seeds.

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