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Thermo Fisher Scientific gas chromatograph (GC-MS/MS) 

The Thermo Fisher Scientific gas chromatograph (GC-MS/MS) coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is our newest lab tool, which measures organic compounds.  This instrument has a high throughput and high calibration ranges.  Additionally, we can utilize the rapid selected reaction monitoring scans which allows us to analyze more compounds in a single run.  This new tool allows us to quantify organic impurities in our grapes and wine which help us to stay ahead of any issues that could cause potential problems.  We can also measure aroma profiles in our wines, which are closely related to sensory attributes for the consumer.  Our GC MS/MS has three extraction method capabilities; SPME Arrow, liquid and headspace.  SPME Arrow gives us the advantage of having minimal sample prep and a rapid analysis of the molecules we target.  This new instrument will allow us to be proactive in improving the quality of our wines.

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